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Top 10 Music Business Tips of 2018


This year-end roundup looks back at some of our favorite and most popular articles about the music industry. Check out our 10 best music business tips.

Music Business Tips

Breaking into the music industry is challenging. It can be an overwhelming process learning music business and keeping up with industry trends. Especially, if you are busy improving your craft and finding inspiration for new music.

There is a lot of information on how to get into the music industry and what to do once you’re there. This music business tips guide offers essential guidance to help you navigate the music industry and grow as an artist. Learn the latest in music marketing, distribution, publishing, artist development, and more.

1. How Music Royalties Work in the Music Industry

How do music royalties work and how to get paid? This guide breaks down the complexities of music royalties and music copyrights in the music industry.

2. How to Create A Successful Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Learn how to create an effective Electronic Press Kit that will get you noticed by music industry professionals. This guide outlines the essential elements of an EPK for musicians.

3. 10 Social Media Tips For Musicians: How to Engage Fans

Learn how to boost fan engagement, promote your brand, and increase followers. This social media tips guide offers ten ways to develop a social media strategy.

4. How to Send a Demo to Record Labels

Learn how to send a demo to record labels. This guide will help you through the demo submission process and get your music heard by record labels.

Want to get more Spotify streams? This guide outlines five tips for growing your fan base and getting more Spotify plays as an unsigned artist.

6. Indie vs. Major Record Labels: Which is Right for You?

Indie vs. Major Record Labels - Vinyl Records on Shelf
Photo by Mark Solarski

Are indie or major record labels better for your music career? This guide compares the two record label choices and offers insight from music industry professionals.

Learn what digital music distribution services are and how they help independent artists and record labels sell music online.

8. 5 Music Industry Networking Tips You Need to Know

Do you know how to network in the music industry? This guide outlines five music industry networking tips that will help you find success and opportunity.

9. 6 Tips on How to Write an Effective Artist Bio

What is an artist bio and how can it help your music career? Sara Wass outlines six tips on how to write an effective artist biography.

10. 5 Music Career Tips for Setting Successful Goals

Do you want a successful career in the music industry? These music career tips ensure you stay on track to reaching your goals of achieving a long and lucrative career in the music industry.

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