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Business ecosystems come of age

In today’s business world, denser and richer networks of connection, blurring boundaries, collaboration, and interdependence foster the growth of continuously evolving “business ecosystems.”

Deloitte’s latest Business Trends report, Business ecosystems come of age, investigates some key strategic questions that come with a world of ecosystems, and how forward-thinking firms are answering them. You’ll find nine articles that can each be read as a stand-alone, but together, provide an integrated overview of a historic transition in the world of business in the 21st century.

Navigating the next wave of globalization

The Business Trends 2014 report explores nine trends that are reshaping the business environment, driven by long-term, potentially irreversible, shifts in the global economy. These trends will increasingly influence strategic priorities in three distinct areas: new consumers, new collaborations, and new leadership.

Adapt. Evolve. Transform

The inaugural Business Trends 2013 report explores eight trends that have the potential to upend long-held assumptions, energize strategic planning efforts, and fundamentally shift the business environment for individual companies or industries.


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