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Top Digital Advertising Trends That Will Rule 2018, 2019


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2019 is approaching, and it is time to recall all the digital ad tendencies, best practices that advertisement professionals in 2018, 2019 have adopted and applied to continue to offer consumer-centric marketing.

We all know it; the epoch is now digital! And it’s going to elaborate more in the coming years.

Digital advertising refers to a situate of ad communications actions carried out on the web, in order to reach a specific target.

To plan a good ad strategy, we present you with all the top Digital advertising tendencies for 2018, 2019 that you can implement to your planning process with personalized, more visual content or implementing data analysis. Next, we discuss the best strategies to get leads, conversions and engagement.

New technologies are coming into our lives. We’re believing including with regard to of artificial intelligence or voice search.

Visual Content

The visual content is always going to draw attention, the possibility of creating and producing content that includes relevant and surprising pieces is undoubtedly a technique that increases the user’s interest in the brand, the product or its services.

Always select the right visual content for each moment and network. The images and videos have great value. With the help of new formats such as GIFs, animations, 360 videos, infographics and others, devote brands the possibility to enrich their message and achieve to communicate in a more assertive route to your audience.

Native Ads

What is Native Advertising? When designing your brand’s digital marketing scheme, this type of advertising is an ingredient that cannot be missed.

In recent years we have seen the emergence and popularization of this technique. And far from disappearing, it is an increasingly important part of the digital strategy.

It is estimated that in 2021 is likely to be nothing less than 74% of advertising revenue.

In short, it is a fantastic niche for brands and advertisers, with great potential to continue making increasing earnings in the future. Do not miss this unique opportunity in marketing!

Artificial Intelligence

The AI is present in many aspects of daily life and digital advertising is no exception. Among its main applications are 😛 TAGEND

– Programmatic advertisement: basically consist of auctioning the best available advertising space, in such a way, that the intelligent system selects the best advertising based on data predetermined by the system.

– Specific algorithms: these codes are becoming more accurate to reveal the interests of consumers advertising in different formats, which exactly meets their needs and passions, based on the way they have reacted to previous offers. In this style, AI systems choice the ideal advertisement for each person, from thousands or perhaps millions of options.

Augmented Reality

This technology shows the user details of the visual content combined with virtual elements, to create a unique and attractive experience through smart devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

Voice Searches

One of the most important trends in Digital Advertising that 2018, 2019 bring is Voice Search. With a more than increasing adoption among users, if you do not start contemplating the voice search, you will be wasting large amounts of queries.

Voice search offers marketers a far clearer idea of user intent. It is the new organic search. It helps you to convert your voice into text on your computer or mobile device faster than you are able to type.


Digitization is thus progressing and affects our everyday lives more intensively than ever before. In addition to the numerous trends and growths that keep us moving, we should not forget one thing: the originality.

Online promotion campaigns are a key pillar in digital marketing and, this is why digital advertising trends for this year are genuinely innovative. You must acquire all possible knowledge about each one of them and apply those that best suit your promotion plan. Do your research or hire a professional digital marketing agency to help you reach your goals!

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