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21 Best Welcome Email Examples to Engage Customers


The success of your customer onboarding flow relies heavily on the first few touches, and it starts with your welcome email.

What is a welcome email

A welcome email is one of the first impressions your brand constructs. A friendly hello to connect with new customers and encourage them to interact with your product or service.

Your welcome email should be informative, clear and actionable. The instances in this post cover a range of approaches. Some might work great for your business, and others might not. Testing, as always, is highly encouraged.

Why welcome emails are important

One important thing to remember, open and click rates do not measure the success of your welcome email.

Of course, you’ll want to tweak subject lines and body transcript to optimize conversion. But the real purpose of the welcome email is to move users through your onboarding process.

Welcome email statistics The median open rate for a welcome email is 50 %. That makes it 86% more effective than standard newsletters. 76% of people expect to receive a welcome email immediately after subscribing to your listing. Users who receive a welcome email display 33% more engagement with the brand

Source: invesp

The next step, depending on your software, blog or store could be to encourage readers to 😛 TAGEND complete their profile download content read a help doc or guide login to their account make a buy complete a task/ action

Whatever that step is, it must deliver value.

The metric to measure is the conversion rate. How many people took the step you asked them to take?

With this in mind, let’s dive into some of the best welcome email examples.

Jump to 😛 TAGEND Airbnb Allbirds Asana Away Casper Eve sleep Evernote Grammarly Headspace Helloprint Invision Marvel Medium Mode Moo Pipedrive Starbucks Tripit Turo UGMonk Unsplash Welcome Email Examples Airbnb

Subject line: How does Airbnb work?

welcome email example airbnb

Uncertainty is a conversion killer. New users usually want to know how your product or service runs before diving in. Airbnb’s welcome email alleviates anxiety by providing clear guidelines on how things work.

It provides you with a clear introduction to their features 😛 TAGEND find a home explore experiences travel with confidence become a host

All segments are visual, indicating people having a good time. Descriptions are concise and actionable, with relevant CTAs.

Instead of using a CTA asking people to “Book Now, ” the CTA prompts them to “Explore.” It’s non-committal and friction-free.


Subject line: Welcome to the Flock

walcome email example allbirds

Allbirds, the world’s most comfortable shoe brand, generates a special feel that’s visible at every point.

Allbird’s welcome email 😛 TAGEND utilize colorful speech to convey values includes subtle animated GIFs that are consistent with the overall welcome email layout starts with an outstanding topic line: Welcome to the Flock that builds on the brand’s playful, friendly tone-of-voice, while constructing you feel part of something

Together, all these elements make for an authentic and memorable brand identity.

Well done, Allbirds!


Subject line: Welcome to Asana

welcome email example asana

Asana’s welcome email design aligns with their product, which is great for their overall brand recognition.

Messaging is tight and focused, stimulating the next steps clear for the subscriber.

“Three things to try out now” attains it easy for the customer to get started, and quickly gain value from the product. Also, they have actionable headlines that are short, but to the point.

Plus, a vibrant purple CTA button seems awesome and beautifully contrasts the overall layout.

Pro tip: The 1-2-3 formula is great for welcome emails as it makes it simple for readers to digest. When done well, it even reduces anxiety about using a new product.

Away travel

Subject line: We’re Away. Let’s meet up.

welcome email example away travel

Away, the first-class luggage brand uses a welcome email to describe and share their values and authentic passion for travel. And right from the start, they demonstrate customer-first approach by talking to travelers about what they needed on the road.

Away’s welcome email gives you five strong benefits and reasons to choose their product, reducing nervousnes by offering a 100 -day trial. Also, the narrative attains Away’s luggage feel thoughtful and bulletproof.

This welcome email lines up with the company’s brand image and inspires you to the next trip.

Excellent storytelling!

Pro tip: Not all your recipients are already customers. For this reason, they might need a little more background about your brand to start trusting you. Casper

Subject line: Welcome to Casper!

welcome email example casper

Casper welcomes us with a beautifully designed email. Perfectly matched night colourings and sleepy speech generates a relaxing aura around the brand.

They use awards to prove the quality of their products and earn your trust.

Casper’s welcome email indicates the involvement of some high-tech stuff and that they take your sleep super seriously.

Also, the 100 -night trial reduces the barriers to purchase, it feels lower levels of a commitment, and they can change their mind, so the decision to buy is easier.

“Let’s get sleepy” is a hilarious CTA that are in line with the transcript, connotes action and it’s always great to see something fresh!

Eve sleep

Subject line: You’re part of the family now

welcome email example eve sleep

While this subject line induces it immediately feel like you belong here, the opening statement assistances establish the brand as human and caring, with a greater good and purpose.

We believe everyone should wake up happy. It’s why we generate outrageously comfortable mattresses for an epic night’s sleep.

After a statement like that , nothing else matters; you know you’re at the right place to get your perfect mattress!

Eve goes straight to the most significant benefits their products bringing: waking up happy, accompanied by an epic night’s sleep. That’s a great emotional hooking!

The introductory paragraph is crowned with a classic CTA, “shop now.”

With such an awesome and creative paragraph, it’s okay to keep your call to actions simple.

The second part of the welcome email offers perks that assist bringing the reader closer to making a buy 😛 TAGEND Free delivery 100-night trial 10 -year warranty

Eve not only offers a quality shipping package but they also make it super comfy.

Your experience is going to be nice and smooth.

No annoyances , no trouble.


Subject line: Welcome to Evernote!

welcome email example evernote

The opening statement in Evernote’s welcome email caught my eye 😛 TAGEND

“You’re going places. Your notes should too. Install Evernote on your phone today”

It’s concise, clear and tells you the action you’ll need to take to enjoy the benefits of this excellent note-taking app.

Evernote holds its copy short, light and to the point, telling new subscribers 😛 TAGEND How to download the app. How to use it to improve productivity efficiently.

It’s the right thing to do since email attention spans are short- about 11 seconds, according to Litmus research.

Pro tip: Optimize your emails for short attention spans. Use heads, subheads, bullets, and other tactics to communicate quickly.


Subject line: You+ Grammarly= Ready for Action

welcome email example grammarlyView web version

Grammarly, a free writing assistant, has been nailing their online communication.

They know exactly how to use online channels to make you fall in love with their personality. And with witty, playful speech, Grammarly get right to the point.

Write the Future. This is how their welcome email begins.

“better writing opens you up to better conversations, remarkable accomplishments, and healthier relationships”.

That’s a broad view, but when you think about it- there’s a lot of truth to it. That’s an excellent analogy.

The three following sections guide you through Grammarly’s basic features to help you get started and gain value quickly.

Pro tip: Develop a friendly consistent tone-of-voice across all your communications to induce your brand engaging and memorable.


Subject line: Ready to meditate?

welcome email example headspace

Headspace, a guided meditation app, made not only a great product for a happier, healthier life but also mastered mindful storytelling.

And their animations rock!

Headspace’s welcome email template is something to see because of its cartoonish brand style. They use illustrations to provide interesting meditation lessons and define their brand identity.

This welcome email example 😛 TAGEND tells you exactly how the trial works uses a strong leading magnet( free 10 -day beginner course) explains what happens when you want to go beyond the basics of meditation

One thing that’s missing here is a second CTA button located at the bottom of this welcome email- So you don’t required to scroll back to start meditating.


Subject line: Hi Kasia, let’s get you started.

welcome email example helloprint

Helloprint’s welcome email is a beautiful example of constructing the brand feel human, warm and welcoming through an introduction to their support team members.

Helloprint stops being anonymous and you know precisely that it’s Mary, Martha, and Danny taking great care of you.

It’s a simple move to immediately put a face to your brand, building it friendly and personal from the start.

Pro tip: Introduce your team to your users to build your brand more friendly and trustworthy. Invision

Subject line: Welcome to Invision

welcome email example invision

Invision’s welcome email is all about reveal , not telling. They provide three handy videos to help you understand and construct the most of your Invision experience.

Highlighting that their clients include well-known brands and experts who are admired for their design and client experience, helps to establish trust and credibility with the reader quickly. This, in turn, fosters the customer to use the product.

Clear and actionable copywriting drives your attention towards Invision’s value propositions and benefits, proving the customer what they can achieve with the product.

This simplistic and visual approach aligns with the narrative and the essence of the overall product.


Subject line: Kasia, let’s get you designing in Marvel

welcome email example marvel

Marvel’s welcome email combines illustrations with short, informative video tutorials and simple, personalized transcript to drive you towards useful resources.

This welcome email holds you focused with a minimalistic and clean design.


Subject line: Welcome to Medium, Kasia Perzynska

welcome email example medium

Medium greets new members with a light, clean welcome email design and pastel colors.

The conversation opens with a simple, yet powerful statement 😛 TAGEND

“Welcome to Medium, where terms matter”

This works to convey Medium’s central notion from the start. Next, you are served Medium’s fundamentals 😛 TAGEND who the platform was created for the primary notion behind it- to provide users with hyper-personalized content how you can get unlimited access-$ 5/ mo

Messaging is concise and tells subscribers how the modern content platform works.

Beneath, you’ll find some personalized tales based on the topic selection, plus top-performing narratives to capture your attention and get you reading straight away.

Pro-tip: Make your welcome email as personal as possible to deliver content your users will value. Track your event data to add dynamic content to your emails.


Subject line: Welcome to Mode!

welcome email example mode

Mode’s welcome email starts with a clean hero image, presenting coders around a desk, with a personalized greeting on top.

Next, you’re given two practical ways to get started with Mode along with an explanation of the analytics platform and a 2-minute video walkthrough.

Even though you can find three different CTAs, they are all strategically selected to showcase the product’s core value.

This welcome email message is super clear and focused.


Subject line: Fantastic. You are in!

welcome email example moo

A creative welcome email design by Moo grabs your attention with a fun picture and a fresh colouring combination: green, blue and yellow.

MOO induces great designs and publish for customers worldwide, reinforced with this beautiful, creative welcome email.

After the greet, they grab your attention with their significant promise, a funny painting( probably presenting some of their prints) and a fresh coloring combination.

Moo swears that if you use their publish products, you’ll impress everyone, and“if you’re not over the moon, they’ll move mountains to make it right.”

Well-said! And it sounds like a strong warranty to me.

‘Award-winning customer service’ sweetens up the bargain- when you treat yourself to Moo’s products, you’ll be served by over-achievers and trust you’ll receive an experience above expectations.


Subject line: Get Started With Pipedrive

welcome email example pipedrive

View online

Pipedrive uses several welcome email best-practices to engage readers and encourage them to take the next step in the journey. They bet on social proof, and they have good reasons to do it because it reduces nervousnes and quickly constructs trust.

But, Pipedrive doesn’t stop there. They take persuasion to another level by using their ratings [# 1 CRM Software] to show off the high quality of their product and quickly establish trust and credibility.

Next, they share an explainer video that indicates everything you need to know about the product.

According to Wistia, videos up to two minutes long get tons of participation. After that, the drop-off in participation is significant, so it’s worth ensuring your videos are short and packed with value to keep your viewers engaged.

This will ensure the majority of spectators also reach your CTA at the end of the video.

Pipedrive finishes up the welcome email with quick links to helpful resources and stats that will ensure it’s the right tool for you.

Well done!

Pro tip: Check this 4-Step Formula for More Persuasive Emails.


Subject line: You’re in. Welcome to Starbucks Rewards

welcome email example starbucks

View online

Starbucks is well-known for its creative marketing communication. So when I review the best welcome email examples, it’s my job to cover Starbucks.

And Starbucks nailed it, as expected. This welcome email is( almost) perfect 😛 TAGEND It rapidly jumps into the perks you’ll get from the Starbucks Reward program. It includes clear and focused transcript that’s interlaced with beautiful visuals and illustrations. All the elements suit each other for a smooth welcome email.

But wait, there’s one thing missing! There are no clear CTAs. Although this welcome email example is informative, CTAs could be added to each section. After all, your emails should always be targeted towards a specific action.

Pro tip: Think strategically about the call to action in your welcome email. Also, when your email gets lengthy, don’t hesitate to sprinkle several CTAs at strategic locatings. The best option is to tie one CTA to each section.


Subject line: Welcome to TripIt, Kasia

welcome email example tripit

View online

TripIt’s welcome email takes on a similar approach that’s used by Asana. They use the 1-2-3 formula that constructs it easy for the reader to process and take action. Simple and actionable.


Subject line: Welcome to Turo

welcome email example turo

Turo’s welcome email starts with a visual of a van on the road in the middle of nowhere, probably somewhere in Utah or Arizona. It brings to my mind the idea of # vanlife, which is in fashion recently.

A hero image along with the introductory statement

“Your escapade starts here”

encourages you to hit the road. And your imagination takes you there.

ALMOST. All you have to do to get there is to click to find your perfect automobile.

Turo’s visuals and content flowing smoothly together and compliment each other. It’s natural.

Although this welcome email is brief, all the elements are in place. Turo’s marketers are great storytellers!

Pro tip: Keep your message concise, but make sure to press the right buttons and inspire the user’s imagination. UGmonk

Subject line: Welcome to Ugmonk!

welcome email example ugmonk

The first thing to catch my attention in Ugmonk’s welcome email is its form.

UGmonk welcomes you with a short note from the founder, Jeff Sheldon, and an interview-style video that feels personal.

This story introduces you to the everyday life of a committed designer who came up with the idea and then had his idea to become something else.

Jeff shares an inspiring narrative that dives deep into the details, values, and reasons for starting a design brand.

A key thing here is that you can relate to Jeff and the story behind the brand, so it builds a connect and likeness for the user.

Fueled with a passion for design and imagination, this welcome email will surely win the hearts of creators, artistic spirits, and tastemakers with its authentic feel.

Pro tip-off: Don’t be afraid to reveal the heart and soul of your brand: that’s what will ultimately get people’s attention. Unsplash

Subject line: Welcome to Unsplash

welcome email example unsplash

Unsplash’s welcome email begins with a short story about the brand, explaining how it began and how the app runs. Storytelling can induce your brand more authentic and relatable, so don’t shy away from utilizing real-life narratives.

The opening statement captures all the necessary details to gain your trust and inspire you to get you started. The second component fosters you to join the community and gets you thinking about the photos you already have, so you can start sharing right away.

Unsplash utilizes clear value propositions and wraps their welcome email content around it. It’s a great practice that helps you keep your messaging tight and craft actionable CTAs.

How to write a great welcome email

We’ve reviewed hundreds of welcome emails from different industries to provide you with this welcome email collection. With such extensive research behind you, it’s easy to identify what it takes to craft the perfect welcome email.

Let’s summarize some of the best welcome email practices

Personalize your welcome email to deliver content your users will value. Track customer properties and event data to add dynamic content to your emails and push notifications. Make an automated workflow to easily visualize and design your welcome email and the following steps in your customer journey. This route you can monitor the performance of your campaign and quickly identify opportunities for improvement. Ensure your welcome email is displayed in the local language of your reader to increase engagement rates. The easiest way to do so is by using Vero’s multi-language campaigns. Play with language and keep it fresh when writing content for your emails. Introduce your personality and ensure it’s consistent with your brand tone-of-voice. Stick to the point and always refer to one thing at a time. Believe strategically about the call to action in your welcome emails. Consider your overall objective. What action do you want people to take? If your email gets lengthy don’t hesitate to sprinkle additional CTAs at strategic places. Use clear value propositions and wrap your welcome email content around them. Maintain your message concise. Make sure to press the right buttons and inspire your user’s imagination. Optimize your emails for short attention spans. Use headings, subheadings, bullets, and other tactics to communicate rapidly. Make-up your welcome email simple, clean and visual. Create an authentic and memorable brand identity. Use the 1-2-3 formula to stimulate each step clear for the subscriber. Be helpful and make it easy to get started. Storytelling makes your brand more authentic and relatable, so don’t shy away from employing some real facts. Introduce your squad with real photos to attain your brand more human, friendly An excellent subject helps you boost your open rates and reach even more people, so make it compelling.

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