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20 Sex Positions All Couples Should Try


It’s easy, over day, for couples to get into a bit of a groove when it comes to sex.

While there’s always room for the classic’ vanilla’ sexuality in a relationship, it does help to change things up every now and again.

One of the best ways to do this is by experimenting with different positions, to stimulate areas that the’ old favourites’ don’t necessarily access. We’ve put together our favourite 20 here, and don’t worry, there’s minimal gymnastics necessitated!

1. Face Off 1-Face-Off

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This position is perfect for up-close intimacy and face-to-face passion, while also being well suited for those longer sessions. Get your partner to sit on the edge of your bed( firm beds are best) and then climb onto his lap facing him. In this’ saddle’ position, you can ride him up and down use your legs and knees, and he can get you moving faster by lifting and ricochetting from your buttocks.

2. The Cat via menshealth.com

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This position is called The Cat as a shorthand, which actually expressed support for” Coital Alignment Technique “. It is a position that creates very strong clitoral stimulation and is ideal for women who struggle to orgasm. Now, it’s just like the missionary, except the man’s body is further up and somewhat to one side. So, instead of being equal chest-to-chest, your partner’s chest is near your shoulder, and your legs are bent at around 45 degrees with the hips tilted up.

3. Mountain Climber via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

Also known as The Pushup, this is a bit of a strength challenge for your partner, but altogether worth it for you both. It’s great for sexy eye contact, and him keeping his weight off body, leaves you open to play with yourself or even touch him as he enters and exits.

4. Heir To The Throne via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

Pretty much the perfect stance for a cheeky oral conference, this one is for getting ladies in the mood for things to come. Sit on a chair with your legs wide open, and let your partner take the reins. He can either start with a slow build-up, or take you all the way with some strategic suction. Plus for the dames, it’s a turn-on to see your man hard at work.

5. The Hot Seat 5-hot-seat

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This position is so good for g-spot stimulation, without the crazy gymnastics. All you need to do is have your partner sit on the edge of a bed or chair with his feet on the floor. Then you turn your back to him, and sit between the legs. You can easily ride back and forth utilizing the chair’s arms, or the floor, and have easy control of the angle of entry. Think of it as doggy style without the man in control, perfect!

6. Pole Position via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

This position offers two chances for stimulation for you, and it gives your partner a nice opinion of your assets. To get into this one, merely have your partner lie on his back and bend one leg, keeping the other straight. Then straddle the created leg, and lower yourself down facing away from him. You can use the knee for support as you rock.

7. Swiss Ball Blitz via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

These exercise balls often sit uselessly in the corner, so take advantage of them with this little move. Basically, this is exactly the same as the” Hot Seat” stance except with the extra bounce from the ball. Roll and bouncing ladies, roll and bounce!

8. The Flatiron via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

Also known as the Downward Dog, this position is ideal for vaginal pleasure. All you have to do is lie face down on the bed with your knees bent slightly and your hips raised a little. You can place a pillow under your hips to get into position. Then your partner enters from behind, maintaining his weight off you by use his arms.

9. Closed For Business via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

Not every woman likes direct clitoral stimulation, and if you’re one of them, this is the position for you. Basically, it involves you closing your legs while your partner stimulates you orally. He can place his hand above your pubic knoll and apply a sunlight pressure to open the hood up a little, and use indirect stimulation to really get you going.

10. The Cowgirl via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

You’re probably already familiar with this position, which is sometimes called Woman On Top. It’s a great position because it puts you in control and allows for lots of access for both of you. You can control the pace and depth, while your partner can alternate between shallow and deep thrusting.

11. David Copperfield via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

This one is for dames who like that strong up motion for oral sex, and it’s accomplished with a pillow underneath the hips to tilt up the pelvis. Your man can increase your pleasure in this by pushing the scalp somewhat up on your abdomen to help the clitoris come out from beneath its hood.

12. Kitchen Confidential via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

Struggling to find time to fit in some intimacy with your partner? Have a go at it in the kitchen with this steamy position, which constructs use of your kitchen counter in a standing-seated combo. You get deep penetration and the hotness of taboo. Make sure you wrap your legs around his butt and thighs to genuinely bringing it around.

13. Hovering Butterfly via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

Also known in less subtle circles as The Face Sitter, this position allows you to direct the position of your man’s tongue and its pressure by rising up and pressing down. Only straddle your partner’s face, placing your knees by his ears, and hold on to either the wall or headboard for supporting. Don’t be afraid to play a little as well, it’s all good.

14. Reverse Cowgirl via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

Love the cowgirl? Then the reverse cowgirl will really ring your bell. Have your partner lie with the legs outstretched and a pillow underneath the head. Then kneel on him facing away and straddle. In this position, you can control the depth of piercing and the pace, while he gets a lovely view. Have a go at changing the angle by tilt forward or back, to increase your pleasure.

15. Drop The Soap via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

Great for escaping your children or for a dirty quickie pretty much anytime, this one happens in the bathroom, providing there’s a solid vanity for you to balance on. You get to look at him in the mirror while he enters from behind, plus you get the g-spot pressure from the rear-entry. Hot and steamy.

16. Doggy Style via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

Not all women are a fan of this position, but it does provide quite deep penetration and a great view for “the mens”. When your partner enters from behind, the tip of his penis is often able to touch your cervix, which can be pleasurable for some females but not for everyone. Each to their own.

17. The Pillow Driver via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

This position is a variety on missionary as well as a decent upper body workout for your man. Simply pop a pillow underneath your back or bum to tilt your pelvis up and alter the slant at which your partner can penetrate. When you do this, you get lots of different sensations, and you don’t have to have your partner’s weight on your body.

18. The Anvil via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

Ok, this position does require a bit of flexibility, but in exchange you get deep penetration and g-spot targeting. You lie on your back, and your partner kneelings between your legs and raises them up to rest your calves on his shoulders. Make sure your partner runs slow, as this is a deeper penetration position that can cause discomfort if done wrong.

19. Aquaman’s Delight via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

If you’ve got a swimming pool, this position is a must try, particularly after the children go to bed on a steamy date night. It’s pretty straight forward, and helped along by the water’s buoyancy. All you and your partner have to do is shift some material out of the way, slide in and get started.

20. The Lazy Man via menshealth.com

via menshealth.com

Sometimes called the Squat Thrust, this is another position that sets the lady in control. Put some pillows behind your partner’s back and have him sit on the bed with his legs out. Then straddle his waist, with your feet on the bed, and lower yourself onto him, directing with one hand. With a simple motion of pressing on the balls of your feet, you can go up and down at any velocity you please.

Which sex positions have you tried? Promise, we won’t tell!

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