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�c�mo Se Dice And Student Cassette Seventh Edition

Through six editions, �C�mo se dice…? has successfully prepared and motivated over one million students to continue their study of Spanish. This introductory Spanish program remains one of the best-selling texts available today because it is flexible, easy to use, and adaptable to any teaching style. The program features a balanced, four-skills approach that stresses communicative competency and cultural awareness as well as the mastery of language structures.To better accommodate both two- and three-semester or quarter courses, the scope and sequence of the Seventh Edition contains 18 lessons. Students in a two-semester course master the preterit by the end of the first semester (Lecciones 1-9) Those in a 3-semester course master the present tense by the end of the first semester (Lecciones 1-6) and the past tenses by the end of the second semester (Lecciones 7-12). In addition, basic formal commands are introduced earlier (presented via lexical entries in Lecciones 2, 5, 6, 8, and 11).Presentations of high-frequency, meaningful vocabulary, basic Spanish sounds, and words and expressions that are challenging for English speakers, as well as clear and succinct grammar explanations provide students with a solid foundation for building communication skills.Student learning and independent study is supported through ample examples, varied practice, and opportunities for self-assessment.A balance of four-skills pr
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