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If you’re like me you need more USB ports than you get with your MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, or PC laptop. The newer PC’s and Macs have few (or no) USB ports. It drives me crazy! I need USB ports for:

  • The dongle for my wireless mouse
  • My keyboard (which gives me a calculator pad and lets me elevate my MacBook Pro to eye level)
  • My iPad Pro, which I use as a second screen (I use the Duet app for this)
  • My backup drive, which runs continuously in the background when it’s plugged in
  • My iPhone charger
  • The cable for my camera, so that I can quickly transfer pictures to my hard drive and to Dropbox

I’ve used a few port hubs that were free giveaways but I found that they ran my MacBook Pro battery down quickly and they would not run my backup drive, either. So I researched and found out that when you need to run a backup drive and a lot of other USB plugins you really need a port hub with its own energy source – a plug in to the wall.

  • Plenty of ports – even I don’t need 7 at a time!
  • Slim profile
  • Angled front for easy access to your USB plugs and dongles
  • Power cord so that it doesn’t run off your laptop

The Sabrent Port Hub is easy to set up and doesn’t take up much desk space. While I don’t take all my peripherals on the road when I’m a mobile entrepreneur, this is small enough that I could take it. That works for longer trips, like the month we spent in North Carolina’s mountains this summer.

You can see from the pictures what the Sabrent Port Hub looks like out of the box, and set up for me. Even though there was a warning that the Port Hub might not run my backup drive, in fact it does with no problems. I’m really happy about that!

If you’re like me and need more USB ports than you have, I can recommend the Sabrent 7 Port Hub. Click through to Amazon to check it out and see if it’s for you. (The Sabrent link here is my Amazon affiliate link.)