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3 Instagram Contest Ideas | Small Business Tip of the Week


Today I will be sharing 3 different kinds of contests that your business can run on your Instagram account to increase interactions and brand awareness!

1. Like contests: Like contests are pretty simple. Basically all you are asking people to do is like a certain photo, and their like will enter them into your contest.

2. Comment contests: The second example is a comment contest. With these, you could post a photo and ask a question, and all people will have to do is comment on that photo to be entered. To take this type of contest up a notch, you can ask people to tag a friend – this will spread the word about your contest and your brand.

3. Photo sharing contests: For this type of contest, you would be asking people to post a photo on their own Instagram account and include a certain hashtag, or tag your business so you know they participated. Using a hashtag created by your business or tagging your business will definitely help to increase exposure!

With all three of these contests, remember to be super clear with the rules and include details like start and end dates and exact steps that need to be taken. Also, be sure to state that your contest is not endorsed by Instagram in any way.

By running one of these contests on your Instagram account, you will increase brand awareness and followers!